Thursday, January 04, 2007


Yeah..2006 has passed..Now is a new year 2007!!!

Wednesday blues..Cos need to start work (after like 11 days of leave slacking at home, doing shopping...) So not looking forward to happens..Vacation is evil as it sucks all ur energy n drive to wrk.

So out with my new dress (white), new hairdo (short), new hair colour (reddish brown), new earrings (yes, some friend went bangkok and bought like 10 pairs for me) and partially new shoes (wore once only). N strutted to the office. So damn busy on the 1st day of wrk. Crowded with people standing ard. I hate crowds. I want peace n quiet..with only a few pple in ofce so that i can chat with (keeps me sane).

Anyway, alot of pple r shocked to c my new look. The short hair. haha..but i got all positive comments. So the conclusion is : I SHALL KEEP SHORT HAIR in 2007. Makes me look fresher n younger!!hahahah..

So what's my new year resolution? Er..nothing. Decided not to make a list of resolutions cos they just do not work. I mean if u want sth fight to get it. What's the pt of making resolution when most of the time u do not bother to fulfil it or just forget abt it. So, if i want sth, i fight to get it. No point saying at this moment - I want to ..... this year, i want to ... that this year. Make a full list of like 100 items n in the end none kept. Though i hv wishes i hope will come true (wishes are different from resolutions)

Wish list
Strike toto (preferably at least S$2mil) - Oh i did not manage to strike on my lottery tic damn sad
Not work but still get money (i did say it's a wish list right, so it allows for the impossible)
Toned abs and arms (ha..this is tough but well it's a wish list so i don care)
Get perfect eyesight (ok this i can get by doing lasik, but it's in wish list cos i want a miracle!!!)
Be a pianist expert (yes i play the piano, i got Grade 8, but i suck at playin the piano)
Be a yoga expert (i do yoga, i can bend not like beckham tho, i can do headstand unstably, but i reali envy those yogis so great at yoga, bend like nobody's biz, do incredible stuffs..if only)
MIRACLE (ha it's a wishlist, if there's a miracle, all those stated above will come true!!)

So there u have it, my wishlist, which is not reali possible to achieve bbut i just like to wish. I m practical, but there is just a small % of me wishing for fairytale story or ending. hahahah

So that's it for the start of 2007, and I'm at the 44th post for my blog! 6 more n i'm at the half decade mark. Silver anniversary.

Till then...

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