Friday, January 19, 2007

46th Entry - 4 more to Silver Anniversary!!

What started out as a travel blog has now blossomed into a full length 46 eps of bloggings (complains, thoughts, ramblings etc) Yes, 4 more to go to hit silver anniversay (50 entries)
Was reading the newspaper yesterday after a long and tiring day at work (11+pm) Yes, tho tired still muz read the papers to keep mi updated abt the current affairs and stupid and interesting reports.. Came across this particular report on some tests some Dr. or PHD pple did on the behaviour of males & females..
They did a report to prove the notion on 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder'. And the conclusion they got is not necessarily true, as they found out that other pple's opinions do matter!
What they did:
Show picts of males to females, and show them clips of the same male, one clip with approving smiles from other females, and one clip without that. And guess what?? They find males in the clips with approving smiles from other females more attractive. So that means approvals from outside parties play a part in determining if one feels that the guy is attractive or not..
HOWEVER.. for guys, it's different (as alwayz)
Same test was held, now with the guys deciding which male in the clip is better looking. And the results is -- THE OPPOSITE!! which means that guys will choose the male without approving smiles from other females. The test concluded that males feel threatened when they see that the other guy is more popular with the ladies, and that is why they chose the opposite way haha
Interesting..but then again we alwz c that happening. Girls can appreciate pretty gals and good looking guys, but Guys can only appreciate pretty gals. Not macho to be complimenting guys to be good looking..haha
The things pple do to prove sth.. There r alwz these kinda interesting n weird experiments done on human behaviour that r sooooo insignificant in life that u wun reali tink much into it...but they are reali interesting to know abt... Shall keep my eyes open for more such interesting facts.

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