Monday, June 25, 2007

1 week rendevous getaway to Bangkok and KL - Part 1

My 1st true holiday (where I travelled by flight i mean) for the year! Bangkok, the place where I nvr wld have thot I would njoy and spend >2 days there. Truth be told, I was there for 4 days, and quite like it! I did not plan to go Bangkok this year (totally not in my plan) but 3weeks b4 the trip, my friend managed to persuade me to take the trip with her (literally with her cos i was there for leisure, she was there for business). So with the lure of free 5-star accomodation, I got hooked and booked my return flight to bangkok. Suddenly I started to feel excited, and penned my shopping list!
Wendy in the room

Swimming pool in the hotel

Armed with S$200 SGD worth of Thai Baht (and credit cards + extra SGD), i went to my fren's house on sat nite to stay over so that I can get to the airport easier the next morn for the 630am flight. I was scheduled to arrive abt 1.5hrs b4 my fren (who was taking SQ flight). After we arrived, took the limo to the hotel (Sheraton Grand), the 1st stop was Chatuchak Market. 2hours of shopping in Chatuchak set me back at 1,440B(~S$65) and several items off my shopping list. Bought bikinis(yes i'm a bikini whore), slippers, sunglasses, hat, shorts, top....

Back to hotel for a short rest, drop off our shopping items and off to MBK, the mega shopping mall! My damage there, only 619B(~S$28) cos it's only the 1st day at MBK, look ard for the good deals b4 striking the next day.
Me at Chinatown
Me at durian stall
At night, it's Chinatown time for FOOD! 1st stop, kaya toast (much like the SG version but the kaya is orange and less sweet). Then, it's durian eating along the streets. 1st time eating durian in like 2 years at least! 100B for like 9 seeds. The taste - dry, not too sweet, OK. More shopping for thai food, then last stop was Sharks' fins and bird's nest soup. We were oredi quite full by then. 300B for Shrks' fins, 200B for bird's nest soup. I did not drink bird's nest cos I don't like. Sharks' fins soup was quite nice, thick n with quite alot of ingredients in it.

Shark's fins and bird's nest soup

2nd day, I was off on my own, shopping at Central World and splurged on Bras!! Haha, cheap cheap! N it's not ABC brand but brands like Warcoal and Triumph. Then I had the famous Thailand Kaya Toast! They have different flavours of Kaya and i had the Taro flavoured kaya toast. The kaya is smooth n thick. Yum Yum. It's at emporium shopping centre 5th level, beside Body shop. Must go try! 20B per piece! Night time was dinner with Alvin tan (ex-colleague) at Fuji Japanese Restaurant.

Taro flavoured kaya toast

More shopping on the 3rd day and dinner by the roadside, fishball noodle soup for 30B. Quite nice! 4th and last day, a morning 2hr thai massage and off to the airport for the trip back home.

Total damage = 9,186B(~S$412) Wow Bangkok is evil!!

Next stop - KL family trip

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