Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brazilian Virgin - No More!

No pain no gain...Nope not talking about Tattoo.. That plan I think gota KIV for the moment (resistance from higher level). So went for another treatment - Brazilian Wax! Haha... My friend has mentioned this plan just a few days ago n well y not just go for it! INitially we were going for just the bikini wax (just bikini line area), but after consultation with the Strip therapist (I resist calling them Stripist), all-off Brazilian Wax is more worth it for us. Reason being, well, there just isnt much hair around the bikini line for them to wax off! Haha, we're just not hairy enuff! Whatever, so we braced ourselves for the full on Brazilian wax! FYI, Brazilian wax means all hair off the private area down there :P

Isit as painful as depicted on TV? Where women just go screaming their heads off at the sound of 'zesh'? Oh, all those are nonsense! Exaggerated! Made for TV drama! Not painful at all! Ok, u'll feel ur hair being pulled off, but that's just it! I wouldn't call it painful, juz like a slight pinch.. All those worries for nothing! N the feeling is quite shiok! Feels so clean n tidy now hahaha...Kinky... Definitely will go back again... But gota let my hair grow b4 i go, so that the process is more worth it (u noe, wax off more hair for the same price) The whole process is quite fast, 15mins max! Nothing to be afraid of! Come ladies, go for it!!

Oh sorrie, no pictures for this one, it's XXX-rated ok... U'll just have to go experience urself if u wana noe how it goes...

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