Monday, June 11, 2007

Guess Which Celeb I Look Like?

What a cool website! Been playing with it with several different photos and the results -- I'm linked to all beauties!! Haha, I mean well what's new rite!! Look at this results:

My Lookalike Celebrity

Wow wow! I'm Keira Knightley! Cool... Come to think of it, does bear a slight resemblance! That's my colleague Seow Seow, who is s'posed to look like Fiona Xie.. Bet she's laughing her head off now!! The cool n fun thing is, every different picture will give u different results! Let's try another picture...

Lookalike 2

Wow, Sebast got Takashi as lookalike! (You've gota click on the arrow to go to the next nearest lookalike) He'll be jumping off the roof if he knows that!!

And 2 of my older pictures (when i had long hair)

Lookalike 4

Lookalike 5

Wow this is so much fun! U can just keep on posting different pictures and c the outcome u get! I got some guys lookalike too:

Lookalike 6

Who is that? Dono...thot looks like some quite famous Jap actor...Who looks like a gal!! ahah
This is just so fun! Go try it!!
And now, the compilation of my celebrity lookalike!!

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