Sunday, December 31, 2006

Red Head for 2007

After 20 odd years of being a natural black head (aka black hair lar), i've decided to change my image! Yes, suddenly cut short my hair was only part 1 of the whole image overhaul process. Next up, colouring my hair. And i chose RED!! Y? Cos i like it..different from those brown colour or blond colour flooding the streets now...

So went to Watsons and bought a pac of hair colour instead of going to salon to do it (saves $$, oli $15++).

After colourant is put on

And started the process of colouring. All it takes is 30mins for it to set after massaging the colour in and wala! U get the end result.

It felt like my hair was bleeding when i was washing off the colourant. And even tho I have less hair now, it took ages to completely wash the colourant off..Ended up soaked with water while washing.

End result--Red hair!!

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