Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm Back!!!

I'm Back!!

Miss me? Haven blogged for quite a while, well cos i was away on a business cum vacation trip to the other side of the World - Los Angeles! Far far away... for just 1 short week. Better than nothing! Loads to blog shall start slowly n proceed with care, in case i miss out anything.

Of cos i had fun! Yes, alone this time again...what's new. But well, i'm used to it, and being alone allows me the freedom to decide what i want to do, how i want to do n when i want to do! Like walking walking n walking the whole day! Ha, don't think alot of pple can stand that yar? I like! Walk walk walk. Good form of exercise! N i lose 1kg during this trip. Haha what's new rite..I alwz lose weight when i travel. But then going to pile them back on soon...Must stop this stupid habit of mine...

Arrived back home this morning ard 2am, din sleep much (abt 7hrs) n now, thinking abt Mon (which is tmr) the feeling is just sucky! But what to do. I've played enough, so it's back to work time! Sian.... NVM, 2weeks later, i'll b set off to another travel journey! Can't wait for that!

Sad thing to say, fell sick during my trip in LA cos of the crazy weather. Day time was hot n sunny, much like in SG but not humid & u don't feel so sweaty. But night time is cool & sometimes even cold! Chilling! N i had no jacket sometimes, so caught the cold bug... So terrible!! Still nursing a cold now... N finally managed to unblock my ears after 1 day!

Oh my total damage in LA (exclude those chargeable expenses) = USD 308. Most of it spent on hostels, greyhound & Universal Studios. Keke, I have already said i wana keep my spending to a minimal.. So achieved that somehow...

So ok, i shall start my LA travel journal with the next post.

Stay tuned........

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