Monday, September 10, 2007

And The Federer Express Cruised On...

And it is No 12 for the All-time greatest! Ok, soon to be all time greatest cos he still has 2 more to equal Pete Sampras' record. Yes, by 7.30am SG time, Roger Federer claimed his 4th US Open title, bringing his Grand Slam haul to 12, 2 short of Pete's record 14. Also, he has managed to clinch all but one grand slams in 2 consecutive years. The only one eluding him is French Open, the big obstacle of Rafael Nadal in the way. That is how great he is! Imagine for the past 2 years, only 2 Grand Slam champions - Him & Nadal.

Some figures for you to understand the great Swiss:

5 consecutive Wimbledon titles
3 Australia Open titles
4 consecutive US Open titles
161 consecutive weeks as world number one (a record)

That is only the more prominent achievements by the great Swiss. Granted he is not invincible, he has lost in some matches & tournaments, but when it comes to what matters most, he is at his tip top performance! Cool & calm & collected during matches. It is just so effortless to watch him play! It's like a walk in the park when he plays while the opponents are panting & running & grunting all over... Just a genius... Amazing player! Just like Pete Sampras but I think he can do much better. N he is only 1 yr my senior!!! He is still THE player to beat. It is just so amazing to hear some players losing in every match to him tournament after tournament. Case in point, Andy Roddick. He has lost to Federer in all but one of their meetings! Wow! And Andy is a talented player, but against the genius, what can u do...

Enough raving over Federer.. Maybe next yr is going to be THE year when he completes the Grand Slam (i.e. 4 slams in a yr)

Moving on..Justin Henin. The female world no1, collected her 7th Slam this yr with US Open win. That lady is also a wonder. Just looking at her, u wouldn't think she's tat powerful or capable cos compared to Williams sisters or Sharapova, she's not tat tall or muscular! But she is a hellavu good player! Tennis is not all about strength (though it is an impt aspect) but also abt ur tactics & technic. Justin is smart! Another thing is she's likeable! Not someone u will outright hate or have sth against (like the Williams sisters). She just looks harmless! Like Steffi Graff!

I used to quite like Martina Hingis (tho she can seem alittle arrogant at times when she was at her peak). That woman, doesnt seem to fit in the power play era. Strength wise, she's not powerful, n she's short. But she played smart, which led to her claiming several Grand Slam titles before she retired temporarily. But now, she is not able to reclaim her glory days... But Martina is short tempered and used to be unable to accept defeat gracefully.. So my preference is still Justin!

Who do i hate? Williams sisters! They are too damn muscular & look like men on steroids! Hahha...Also v v arrogant & just can't seem to give credits to players who defeat them! Think they're so great that any defeat is their own fault instead of better players. Yes, u made a sorta comeback this year, but u still lost to better players so admit it!! Their father is even more irritating!! Hate them... Power players they are, but lack the EQ.

Sounds v pro ya? Haha but i dono how to play tennis, which is a pity. Someday i will pick it up & play! Some day... ANy coaches out there???

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