Monday, September 03, 2007

NTM Fever!

For those who do not yet know, NTM = Next Top Model. It all started with ANTM = America's Next Top Model. The one & only original series hosted & created by Tyra Banks (FYI supermodel) which spawned the many many different versions all over the world, from Britain to Germany to even Thailand!

What makes this so interesting is the bitchyness of the contestants & also to ogle at those chio bus (well some not so chio) & the different themes of pictures they take on every week. Really quite cool & impressed by some amazing talents who can just become drop dead gorgeous in front of the camera!!! Of cos the hosts & judges make for interesting TV show - "Smile with ur eyes!". "Connect with the camera", "Fierce eyes", "Show me model"... Oo la la! So bitchy yet entertaining! I can say i'm an expect with modelling now hahaha... Ok maybe more of looking & analysing others than myself being one...But hey, maybe i have got potential... Judge for urself:

Moody feel to the pose ya

Attitude pose

Haha okok, maybe i shld take more front view shots..Ok i'll try but it's just tat i'm not used to taking full frontal shots hahaha..alwz feel abit weird..

Talking abt NTm craze, I've watched all NTMs english version. Yes, from America, canada to British to Australia! Every NTMs that is in English, i've watched, not just 1 season but ALL seasons! I have even watched Germany NTM with english subtitles! Yes some are great, some just suck big time. Case in point, Germany NTM is fantastic! The contestants r really professional & even greater than ANTM!! They are just so BEAUTIFUL & the tests & training given on GNTM are so much better! They even get to go on real job assignments that expose them to the real fashion world! Prizes & rewards are so much better as well! They also get more training (like catwalk training etc) throughout the whole show. Not like in ANTM, u only see like 1 or 2 trainings & that's it! U can really see the contestants grow in GNTM! N i agree that they are so much better in quality. They really have the kinda star quality & air to them! Great!

My favourite contestant on GNTM - Hana! She is a sexy babe who is both editorial & commercial & great catwalker! look at how hot she is in the photos! I mean imagine! Too bad she came in 3rd.. Yes GNTM standard is HIGH!! This quality came in 3rd..just imagine!

Worse - British NTM. Really sucky. U would have thought the place where Kate Moss or Sophie Dahl came from should be full of good potentials. But u are so WRONG!!! The contestants suck BIG TIME!!! Really BIG TIME!!! I really do not understand y the contestants r so sucky!!! They cannot model, cannot walk, no personality! UGLY even! What shit! IT's like after so many episodes & training, u would expect them to improve vastly but NONONO, alot of pictures still suck big time! N alot of them don't even have the MODEL look or even figure. I really don't understand. U watch & u really cannot tell or even believe any of them can be a model! Imagine how bad that is! The latest season is much more improved but still bad. Contestants suck big time & the only better one is a plus size model (she looks really good in picture but with a bad attitude) & the rest is just blar..... Seriously eeks eeks eeks...

Canada NTM - season 1 sucks BIG TIME!! the 2 finalists - what the fuck! Both can't walk, both r ugly, no quality...Not sure y they were there in the 1st plc! Anyway the other contestants r not any much better. SEason 2 - Much better! The winner so deserves it cos she is a model! Editorial more than commercial but she is good! Look at the pictures::

Xiaomianyang: This is called vogue! Look at the fierce eyes & expression!

But still, on a whole not a good season cos alot of the contestants CMI!!

Australia NTM - Not bad actually. But the latest season 3, the winner is so damn obvious. She just stands out from the rest & led all the way from the beginning. But not bad la..

Alice winner of Aus NTM 3. So editorial again!

Now, ANTM cycle 9 is coming out soon..Yeah hope it'll be good cos cycle 8 wasn't really tat great... Waiting for GNTM 3 as well but tat's going to take some time...

Oh man i just LOVE NTM. How crazy am i? I can just stick to my comp & watch YouTube whole day!!! My record is finishing the whole season in less than 2 days. Yes, non-stop watching & watching & doing nothing else...Now i have british NTM 3 to keep me company till ANTM 9 comes along...

& not to forget, the host makes a hella difference! Tyra Banks is what makes ANTM so interesting. The other versions, i must say i kinda like australia NTM host for season 1 & 2 cos she's bitchy enuff. The others...bland!!!!! Heidi was great! She was really good as a host & mentor to the contestants, alwz there guiding them for the shoots...I must say she's the best (of cos Tyra is the original so no contest there)

Wana be on top?????? can't wait for cycle 9!!!!! Another endless chase to the finale!!!

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