Thursday, September 13, 2007

Crabbing, crapping, whatever

The much anticipated, long overdue crabbing session was finally materialised on Wednesday! Initial location was Still Road, but unfortch, it was closed! Note to all crab lovers, the Crab Restaurant at STill Road is CLOSED on Wednesdays so DO NOT attempt to go on Wednesday! Our strategy - Proceed to the next best alternative, which is Ang Mo Kio! STill a popular & famous location.
We were lucky. Reached ard 630pm n crowd had not form yet. By the time we placed our orders & sat down, the long Q started to form! Just a matter of minutes! Heng ar..
Our orders - 2 butter crabs, 1 crab bee hoon, 1 kangkong, 1 tofu, 1 meat.
After abt half hour, our crabs arrived! Ooo, they were HUGE!! With huge pinchers which i like keke... Easier to eat.
Point to note, I have not eaten crabs for a v long time! Reason being - I hate to de-shell them for the meat. I just hate it. So troublesome & dirties my fingers which make it uncomfy to eat other dishes. So i choose NOT to eat crabs or prawns. However, if someone is willing to do the dirty job for me, i'll eat! Hahah, that's the only condition. This time is exception cos the whole point is to EAT CRAB, so i allow myself this time to do the dirty work myself. Which is really quite a task! Ur entire hand & even wrist will be messed up & it does not feel good... But the crabs were nice! Really tasty, juicy, tender & lotsa meat! Look at the picture! The shell is the size of my hand!

The bee hoon was good too! The soup is very creamy & rich but i think alot of MSG went into it cos it makes u feel rather thirsty.

How popular is this place? Evident from the fact that even when we were done at past 830pm, there was still a Q outside. N it was Wednesday, not wkend..

Our total damage for 5 of us, around $175! The 2 butter crabs + crab bee hoon cost $135. Bloody expensive but well..i guess that's the price u pay for good food. Will i go back again? Probably not, cos i'm just too lazy to travel so far for food haha...

On another note, i went for another image revamp! Yes, another one in 2 months! Hahah... Starting to go havock. Trimmed my hair shorter, with a more defined slope at the back, while still retaining the length of my fringe &... Walau, a new hair colour! Only highlighting certain parts of my fringe to a bright red! Yes bright cos the last time i tried red, it didn't quite absorb the colour so decided to just go for it!

Can see? Hmm think too dark a background to clearly c the brightness but it is really bright. And no photoshop! This is original, un-edited photo..(i'm not Xiaxue, i don't do photoshop)The next day when i went back office, my colleagues got a shock. N that's when i got the nick - Flaming Flamingo. It is especially evident under the sun. Haha, even my client is shocked. Ok i'm daring.. Ok maybe it doesn't look professional, given the nature of my job but don't care! Haha anyway it'll tone down to brown in 2-3weeks. Just let me enjoy it while I can. Next time maybe i wun dye it..or i'll choose a darker colour.

Ok, i'm going to be MIA for the next 3weeks at least, cos i'm going for my annual trip! Vietnam (Hanoi - HCM) & Cambodia all in 3 weeks. Sounds long but in fact, not enough to cover some interesting places, but well have to compromise alittle... Excited. Flying off this Sun 16th Sept. Shall blog about it when i'm back... In the meantime, don't miss me ok... Do stay tuned for my bloggings on my trip! Pictures promised!

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