Sunday, September 02, 2007

Last full day in LA...What was the plan? Universal Studios of cos! Woke up at 6am sharp, and left the hotel b4 7am to catch the bus to Univseral Studios. As I have said b4, airport is near nowhere... It took me almost 2hrs to finally reach Universal Studios so i managed to be there just b4 it officially opens. It was rather cool cos they have like an opening speech and a countdown to 9am, the opening time!

1st stop - The Universal Studio tour that lasts 45mins. Cool way to start the day. There was no Q, so it was fast fast fast. Next off, to 'Back to the Future' ride. Yes, the last time u get to see this ride cos they're tearing it down by the time u read this! Replacing with 'Simpsons' ride. Wonder how that is going to be like... I mean Simpsons is a family cartoon... Maybe a donut ride??

Then it's off to the lower lot for the fun rides! Mummy ride 1st!! It was the greatest ride!! I met a little Mexican girl who was to go on the ride alone. So i ended up accompanying her to the ride 4 times! Yes, we went on the ride 4times! I enjoyed it every time! It was so fun! LIke a rollar coaster ride. Now i understand y some pple say they went on it 10times... The little Mexican girl did it 10 time b4! Then we went to the Jurassic Park ride, which got us really wet...A great relief from the terrible hot weather! Yes it was real HOT that day! AFter the ride, I parted way with the Mexican girl and went on alone to all the other rides n shows.

Next up backdraft where i got 'fired' up... Hhaha literally. Cos it's a show abt fire! Then it was on to special effects. After i'm done with the lower lot, back to the main arena for more fun!

Went for the waterworld show. Wow, the 'actors' in the show were all from some famed TV shows like the girl from Heroes, CSI casts etc... Nvr knew that! But the show was good... Makes one wonder why the movie itself tanked real bad. Went for the Shrek ride next...Well kiddie ride it was hahahah

Went for a scare in the 'House of Horrors'. Truth be told, i hate being suddenly approached by pple hiding in the dark, esp when i'm walking the house alone with no1 beside me. Nextime i must get some1 with me, that'll be more fun.

Met lots of characters and took pictures with them... marilyn monroe, spidey, flash, shrek, simpsons..... Of cos, the thing abt being by myself is no1 to take picts for u, so u had to ask others to help...But who cares!

Me & Spidey & The Green Goblin. Spidey really is good..he keeps posing!

Like i said...Spidey kept posing! He posed just for me to take this picture

Me & Marilyn & gang...Sexy

Moving on, I went to almost all the shows n rides, except for the 'The Blue Brothers' show. Cannot understand what that is abt so forget it hahahah... Went for the animal actors show, terminator 3D show n fear factor live! Yes, they do have fear factor live show! Contestants will have to volunteer and attend an audition on that day so it's real!! They grossest thing they did was to drink a concoction of eeky things..I don't even wana mention what those were... That was the last show b4 i left Universal Studio and endured another 1.5hrs ride back to hotel. That night, I was too lazy to buy back from downtown so ended up ordering room service which totalled to USD50! I ordered a plate of linguini, salad & soup... How extravagant! But it was my last night, so just order! (Anyway can charge n claim back kekeek) Of cos, had to watch tennis as i ate... damn exciting match it was!

The next morning, back to SG..another 18hrs flight home...

Overall, an enjoyable trip..though a little short (if only i had a few more days)... Wish i have more of that...Cross my fingers n hope that my next business trip works out fine n i'll get to go San Francisco n San Jose!

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seowseow said...

wah woman...i m so envious...saw ur pics le...SD and LA are really beautiful!!! Muz haf alot of fun rt...n i wonder who is winston kekeke...