Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diet Revamp

Doctor: Your cholestorol abit high. Have to eat less meat

Me: Huh very high?

Doctor: Slightly on the high side for someone so young. Bad Cholestorol is abit high. Ah u know, less meat less meat...

Me: Er, but I don't eat meat

Doctor: *Shock* Wah, u don't eat meat, still high cholestorol, so sad

Me: ..... *smile*

Doctor: You don't eat meat but still have enough iron, no anemia. Maybe it's genetics la. Don't worry, no medication for you but need to monitor.

Damn it, I had feared this result but the truth is out and what's done is done. Yes, I have high cholestorol! Shocker!! Cannot believe it right? I don't eat meat, i exercise hard so bloodly active still kena high cholestorol. Yes, my good cholestorol is high which is good, but the bad one is also high which is bad.... Doc says could be genetic, so I'm the unfortunate one. Now i've got to watch my already very minimal diet of food..... No excessive cheese/eggs/prawns/seafood/fatty food. Ok, i need to stop munching on nuts, those killer nuts damn it! Need to be even more healthy in my food choices..


Anonymous said...

Think you should just eat everything. I think the seafood is killing you. Chicken and lean pork might help.

DShan said...

Siao, it'll be even worse. Think it's the snacking, must stop now