Thursday, May 19, 2011

What's worse than spraining your ankle?

- Spraining it AGAIN, exact same spot, exact same activity causing it, exact same fashion it was sprained. Fuck! Exact same time period of the day too!

- Spraining it with ankle guard wrapped around it!! Double fuck! (Apologies for the vulgarity) And you thought ankle guard can help protect a weaker ankle! Damn it!

But this is not going to stop me from engagin in the activity again. No way I love this sport too much to give it up. I think i need a super duper fantastic ankle guard. And I need to double load on my ankle strengthening exercises. Luckily though, this time round it's not as severe as the last one. And having learnt from the last time, started treatment immediately and results are good. Swelling's gone down, just needs a couple more ankle exercises and days more to recover......How you hate it when u have an injury which prevents you from engaging in rigorous activities....

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