Saturday, August 12, 2006

Arrival in Chiangmai

1st August 2006, the date I fly off to my destination - Chiangmai, after I removed my stitches.

The flight was delayed for about 1 hour, all thanks to some bloody technical faults. Damn it. Ended up reaching Chiangmai at 8.30pm and by the time I got to my guesthouse it was around 9pm. Checked into Julie Guesthouse, cheap and cool place to stay. Paid 90Baht per night for a single room with fan (no air-con but it was alright). This is my room, with all my things spread out on the bed.

Settled my check-in, trekking trip for the next day and my train ticket to Bangkok within half an hour. Yes, I'm going for a 3D2N trek on the following day!so excited. Pack my bag for the trek and go to sleep. Tired from the whole day of travelling. Until tomorrow...

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