Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 1 of the trekking trip

Yippie finally the start of my trekking trip. Never done trekking before, Singapore does not have any mountains to trek.
Early in the morning at around 10am, the whole group from all over Chiangmai were picked up in this small truck, 9 of us to be exact.
Stopped at a local market where our guide, Good (well it is pronounced that way), shopped for ingredients for our meals.
Saw some creepy crawlies on sale. Grasshoppers, locusts, and some other inserts fried to crisp for consumption. Eeks...

After a lunch of fried rice, we started our 3hours trek! Let's march on!
Up, up and more uphill during the 3hrs trek. I'm glad that I am atheletic at home. It makes it so much easier to do trekking. Lots of river crossings like thisAnd finally we reached our destination for the day! The village! Really great scenery up on top of the mountains. Greenery and more greenery, never have I seen so much green!

Had a quiet candlelight dinner (i mean it literally). After dinner, we sat around the fire playing cards (Yanneth or something that sounds like that) taught by the Israelies in our group - Shelly, Oz and Michel. Fun card game and I must say I must had been real lucky to win the game. Everyone went to bed early, snoozing off in our room by around 9pm.

My first ever night out at the villages. It was like back to the olden days with no electricity or fan. Candles or torchlights were the only source of light. It was kinda cool to live this kinda life once in a while. The toilet was outside of the hut, and due to the lack of light, everyone did not drink water after dinner so that we did not have to wake up in the middle of the night and walk down to the toilet. I would like to try this kinda life again..

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