Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last day in Chiangmai - 5th August

Up to Doi Suthep early in the morning, also known as the Mountain temple. Had to climb up the steps but it's easy after the trekking trip. Breathtaking view from the top. The nicest temple in Chiangmai. Got my blessing from the monk there.

Went to a very cool cafe called Fern Forest Cafe. It was a really nice place! Tables set within the small garden in the home of the owner. The dessert was great! Had passionfruit juice and white chocolate chessecake. Yummy.
Taking the overnight train to Bangkok tonight. Bought a sleeper bed, looking forward to the train ride.

Turned out the beds are alot more comfy than expected. So much better than the sleeper beds in the trains in Russia. Got my seat changed from the upper bunk to the lower bunk (which is beneficial to me as I paid less for upper bunk). This chance of fate brought upon a friend whom I met onboard the train! Nathan from England. He had changed to an earlier train and happened to be my bunk mate (he's on the upper bunk). We chatted throughout most of the train ride. He is an intelligence officer (something like a CID or undercover). Sounds really cool and interesting job yeah. He's been travelling for more than 1month, for a total of 2 months! How I envy that! I want to travel for 2 months! I shall aim for that next year, a really long vacation!

Nath, if you're reading this -- Hope you had a great time at the beach. Betcha got your diving licence already and a little more tanned. Well, I should have gone Ko Tao with you and get my diving licence! Keep in touch.

The lady on duty helped to make our beds and she was really efficient and fast! You guys must try the overnight train in Thailand. Get the lower bunk, 50Baht more expensive than the upper bunk but alot more spacious (bigger bed) and with a window beside.

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