Sunday, August 13, 2006

Last day of trekking trip

1st itinery for our last day is the elephant ride!45 minutes on the elephants who were walking all around, tearing down tree trunks and leaves on the way. One particular elephant went bizzare and scared the shit out of the siblings on it. The elephant just went climbing up a hill to grab leaves!

After the elephant ride, it time for Adventure! Whitewater rafting! This is our group photo, us in life jackets and bright coloured helmets. From left: Jake, Jeff, Shelly, Michel, Dave, Paul, Judith, Me, Hanna and Oz.

The rafting was SHORT, way too short, only half an hour and not Exciting enough. Well, there are better waters for rafting elsewhere in the world. Went for a short bamboo rafting before we had our lunch of pad thai. Then, it was back to Chiangmai, end of the adventure.

Went walking around Chiangmai, visiting the temples in the late afternoon under the sweltering heat.

This is Wat Chedi Luang.

This is Wat Prasingh. The little monks are all seated inside the temple chanting.

This is Wat Boopparam.

After a while, all the temples looked the same. Oh well, what's a trip to Chiangmai without visiting the temples.

Went to the night bazaar to shop around. Nothing much interested me, 'cos I will be heading to Bkk the next day. Could not buy too many things at my 1st stop. Went for a short foot massage to heal my aching legs from the 3D trekking.

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