Monday, August 14, 2006

Last day of getaway - Epilogue

Officially the last day of my 2 weeks getaway and it's back to Singapore..How sad. Well, all good things must come to an end.
Itinery for the day - Visit Ho Chin Minh Complex. Did not manage to see the preserved body of Ho Chin Minh as it was closed on Fridays. Oh well, I suppose it is the same as Lenin's body (which I visited in Russia) so just up to my imagination. FYI, it is open Tues - Fri and on weekends from 8-11am.
Ended up visiting Ho Chin Minh Museum, at least I got to see the statue o f HCM.

That is me with uncle Ho Chin Minh statue

Nice quote (note the grammatical errors). I want to live by this quote! The quote says "All The Peoples on Earth are equal. Each people has the right to life, happiness and liberty"

Could not see the body, but at least at a picture of the Mausoleum

That's my itinery for the day. Went for my last Vietnamese meal before I set off to the airport by the minibus, which costs US$2 per trip.

Another foolish incident happened. I checked out of my hostel without claiming my items in the safe! Yes, how foolish. I walked all the way (10 minutes walk) to the minibus station, boarded the bus, and 5 minutes into the journey, I realised I forgot my safe! All my identification cards, credit cards and important documents were inside! So I had to alight by the roadside, took the motorbike (for 10,000 VND) back to my hostel to claim my items. No time to catch the 2nd minibus as I would be late for my flight. Had to catch a taxi to the airport instead. Waste of money but oh well, I couldn't possibly leave my things behind!

Met two French guys on a holiday travelling back to Singapore before flying back to Paris - Benjamin and Jerome. They were two really fun people! Typical French - Loud. Haha. Really funny pair of guys, kept me entertained throughout the flight and the waiting time.

Flight back to Singapore was FULL. But it arrived on time, and I missed the last MRT. And it is HOme Sweet Home..

Exciting and interesting 2 weeks! I am so going to do it again! And I have gotten so much tanner (or darker as some would prefer to put it) Yes, even my indian client says I'm now darker than her!

For more pictures, please visit my online photo album at (the link is also provided on the left under "LINKS")

What's up next year? I have so many options in my mind

1) Germany (Or in general Europe, yet again)

2) South East Asia

3) Mongolia-China-(Maybe) South East Asia

4) Tibet

Pretty interesting places yar..Any interested parties?? This has got to take at least 1 month or even 2!

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