Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bangkok is "Evil"!

1st stop in Bangkok - Chatuchak Market!This is the place where I fell to temptation. Half my budget goes into this place, it is that dangerous. This is the result of my victories stay in Bangkok:

A dress, a skirt, a bikini, a backpack, Boots products, pork floss sticks.

Got bored walking around Chatuchak and went to get a Henna done for 200 Baht. Pretty cool yar.

Went to the night bazaar at Lumphini to do some more shopping.

I must say Bangkok has changed ALOT since my last visit. There are shopping centres EVERYWHERE!! It is so much like Singapore. Every MRT station has a shopping centre next to it. It has become so much busier and crowded.

The thing about being tan..I got mistaken for a Thai EVERYWHERE in Bangkok, and even Chiangmai! People will just start speaking to me in Thai, and I would just stare at them. Only when I replied "what?" will they realise I am not Thai! Haha..

Oh, and the hostel I stayed in - Bangkok Hostel at Sukhumvit Soi 23. It is a new hostel, just 2mths old when I moved in. The good thing - i was the only one in my dorm. So I paid 290B for 1 bed, and ended up having the whole room of 8 beds to myself! Haha how great right! Anyway the hostel is pretty good. The staff is nice and breakfast included (normal toast and eggs). Just a note though: The dorm has no air-conditioning unless 3 people are staying over. So yupz, I did not have air-con, only a fan, but it was alright as it was not hot or stuffy. It should get busier as time pass. It has double and triple room as well!

Total damage in Bangkok : About 3,500 Baht (equivalent to about S$150+). Yes, Bangkok is evil.

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