Monday, October 16, 2006

The Departed

Watched "The Departed" yesterday night..The remark version of the original HongKong movie "Infernal Affairs" ("IA"). Truth be told, original is always the better one. Yes, I prefer "Infernal Affairs". Not just the way the story is unfold, but the characters potrayal and development. (Infernal Affairs poster is nicer too :P)

Hollywood version - Loud, violent and outlandish.
HongKong version - Subtle, silent and emotional.

Take the lead character - The Police mole (Leonardo's character). Played by the reputed Tony Leung Chui Wai, his was a very subtle and emotionally challenged mole in the secret society ("SS"). His struggle with his identity was potrayed not so much through physical actions or hystericals, like what Leo did. His was more heart-felt and identifiable. Yes I prefer Tony's potrayal.

Also, "The Departed" did not develop the intricacies of the characters entanglement, which "Infernal Affairs" did to a rather wonderful effect. The mentor-mole relationship between the head of police and the mole was well-developed in "IA" but was nowhere to be found in "The Departed". It made the death of the police officer much more heartening.

The rooftop scene. Not much developed or shown in "The Departed" but is a highlight of "IA". The tension between the two, just watching the two actors fight it out was great. (FYI, Andy Lau was the SS mole). "The Departed" quickly ran past that scene...while "IA" delved into it further, explaining the contradictions in the moles' minds.

Those were the words spoken by the Tony and Andy respectively (the police mole, and the SS mole). It was THE phrase at that time.
I felt really sad and down when Tony was killed, but I did not really feel that bad about Leo's death. Well, original is always the best, hard to beat. But then again, IA had 3 episodes to unfold the whole story and with its haunting theme song.....But "The Departed" isn't that bad. It is still an 'A' star movie of the year.
FYI, I wasnt and still is not a BIG fan of the movie, albeit the appearance of my favourite idol Leon Lai in the last installment of the trilogy.

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