Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Brand New Camera

Yes I have finally got my own camera!! Lumix Fx3..with 2 1GB sd card and extra battery thrown in!

So why not the new model? Cos i realise that i should not waste excessive money when all i need is a basic camera. 6mp is fine enough for me. I don't need extra features so why not save that $200 and spend it on some other things.

So happy!! Got my camera, and my oakley sunglasses will arrive in Nov. Oh and I got a brand new bikini for the diving trip.

Next up i want to get Nokia 6280.

Oh man, I am so BROKE!!

Hmm, anyone wana get this handphone for me as a birthday gift???

I shall start packing for my Phuket diving trip..So looking forward to it. Take off on Friday 27 Oct.

1 comment:

AT said...

take more pics of ur bikini shots and send it to us.. i'll forward it to potential suitors