Saturday, October 21, 2006

Platonic Friendship??

Is it possible for a guy and a girl to be best of friends?


"Brand New Friends" talked about this subject and it's rather interesting.

I have a few guy friends, and we are good friends. We are on good talking terms and can talk about alot of things. Two of them are on a rather close terms. One of them is already married (and i met him when he was attached), the other still single and we're not an item (never was, though we were constantly the subject of the papparazzi's eyes).

I know alot of people will say, no way, there is no way pure platonic relationship is going to survive, but i'm living proof that it has and it will! In fact, I like talking about things with my guy friends cos sometimes they understand it better than the girls. And, the thing is, if they were friends with the opposite sex before they got into a relationship, it's not as bad as if they got to know that person after they get into a relationship. Why such discrimination???

I don't understand why people want to stop their partners from being friends with the opposite's not fair to control people's preference..Go ahead! I won't stop my man from being best of friends with a lady. I mean TRUST is important in a relationship so if u don't even trust ur partner, what's there left? Well, if they just happen to fall in love with the other party, I will be sad but that just means u'r less important to them. Why hang on?

Yes, I am different. My friends always say i'm UNIQUE (yes, unique not weird). I like it that way. I'm not the typical damsel-in-distress (actually i'm not and never will be). I'm not a romantic (i'm practical) and can never know the true meaning of being romantic. I'm not the usual clingy and touchy kinda girlfriend (i'm quite independent and opinionated. I DO NOT need my man to meet up everyday, i mean i still need to live my life and it's not dependent on my partner. I need to spend some alone time to just stone at home). And i'm not high on the intimacy quotient..sometimes i feel like i'm commitment-phobic..maybe it's just who I am. I am BO CHUP (nonchalant)Yes I'm UNIQUE but I'm a traditionalist as well - no Sex before marriage, i want my future husband to be the major breadwinner (i'm still going to work but just like the comfort of knowing i'll be supported comfortably even if i do not have to) everything waits till after marriage etc...Accept it that way!! Ha this is getting a little too personal so i shall stop here.

Well, like i say..I'm UNIQUE and i like it.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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