Saturday, October 07, 2006

Professional Taxi Driver...Speed Car Racer in Disguise

As usual working past 10pm on a Thurday night..Waited 15-20 minutes before we got a cab..A silvercab! In drove a rather posh silver cab (literally silver). Really comfy seats, n nice experience in the car (highly recommended..better than Mercedes) But that's where the good thing stops.

Up on the highway, the perennial speed car racer side of the taxi uncle emerged! 150km/hr!! On the expressway 90% of the time! Traffic was sparse at night, so it was the best time for him to speed race. Imagine 150km/hr and I was the front seater!! It was a rather terrifing experience. Even when we were outa the expressway, he was still going at about 120km/hr. It was the fastest taxi ride I had. Reached home in about 20min or less, and I was travelling from Raffles Place to Jurong. Best...

Anyway I have decided to get a digicam instead of sunglasses. Digicam is more useful and practical for me at the moment..So sunglasses can wait...

Lumix Fx07 - Black

Nice right! 7.2megapixel for about $640 and it has a wide LCD screen. Plus lotsa freebies thrown in! Last I heard 1 1GB and 1 512MB sd card, extra battery, tripod...Shall wait till IT show in Nov to get a better deal with the package. Yes, I shall aim for this and GET IT!!

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