Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oktoberfest 2006

A night of beer, food and dance finally arrived on 6 Oct 2006 Friday night. All dolled up for the event..I know, I'm not a beer-fanatic I dun club as well..But it should be fun..And it was rather interesting!

We were promised free flow of beer but turned out we only managed to get 2 glasses when we reached at 7+ and by about 8+ the free flow of beer ran out. So we had to fork out money to purchase beer. Yes, what the F*** cheated of our money, all $18 of it. Food nothing fantastic, the usual suspect of german food like german sausages and pork knuckles which I do not eat (vegetarian here)

The foreign exchange students, especially the germans, were CRAZY!! and DRUNK.

Case in point, the balloon man, who went around collecting balloons and tying them around his neck. And our dear Junjie went to cosy up with him!! Yes he was a little crazy cos they had an intimate act!

Music was great! But they LOVE their national anthemn & played it after every song!! And lots of cute foreign exchange students in sight!! After that, it was a night of dancing and drinking..Yes I had 3 beers! And i did not get drunk! An achievement for someone who doesnt drink beer...

Tuban wearing germans partying around drunk

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