Sunday, December 24, 2006

24 Dec - Xmas eve.. What is my program?!?! Cookies baking!!

Yes, it's an annual event. I'm always in the Kitchen baking chocolate chip cookies during this time of the year. And the cookies are critically-acclaimed and guaranteed great tasting (courtesy of countless friends and colleagues).

1.30pm - Start of the dough making process. Courtesy of my Bro, the mixer was spoilt (over heated) hence i had to use blender to mix. As such, i had to split the dough mixture into 4 times to mix. Terrible n tough job. Finally managed to mix everything together. I think I have developed muscles now.

End result of the dough mixing process

Now it's time to place the mixture in the tray n bake them.

Pre-baking mixture

The final product! Wala!

After almost 4 long hours of baking, i have finally completed the BIG project! TIme to pack to individual bags for gift-giving purposes. Yes, these are not for me!!haha

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Derold Ee said...

hey, hey, hey... the mixer was doomed to crack liao ok.. not my fault.. anyway, you shd thank me instead for helping you work out during your off days..