Monday, December 11, 2006

New Start New Office

New office, open concept
My desk..with my name

Yes, after much anticipation and emails, we have finally moved! To ORQ (One Raffles Quay, in case SOMEONE doesnt know what it means).

Nice office, just nice but very very open concept. Don't like. Everyone can see each other, no privacy at ALL!!! yucks. but at least we have half the sea view. BUT, the tables (or rows) r damn small, walkway too tiny n squeezed. 3 people to 1 section of the row!! What the!!! We are bloody auditors, we need SPACE to put files, papers, documents etc..GIVE US MORE SPACE!!

The Pantry, with nothing in it

Well, we have a nice pantry (just nice nothing much). But, no snacks!! No drinks machine! Come on, u can give us a pantry, why not stock it up!!!

Monday morning chaotic! Everyone trying to orientate themselves, finding their seats, figuring out where the things are, where everyone else is seated. And of cos, waiting for the reception!! Yes FOOD!!! Oh n fixing the bloody computer internet settings. Damn. Managed to work my day away (yes i was busy working the whole day) until i just had to say "OFF I GO"!!

My Tidied-up desk

When i returned home, surprise! My room desk has been tidied up! Oh man, it is so damn clean n tidy! Ha..must be my dear little sister who has nothing better to do. So now i have to question her where my things r put. I always can't find my things when they are tidied up. Messy is my way! ha!

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