Thursday, December 07, 2006

EY DnD 2006

Red Carpet Extravaganza!! Glamour baby Glamour!! All the Armani, Gucci, LV, u name it we've got it! Yes, this is the annual Dinner and Dance event. This year, the theme is Red carpet (yes, a little dugh n not fun at all). Well, people do dress up for such events!! Me? Oh just a simple white tube dress will do. It doesnt matter what u wear, it's the personality that brings out the dress :)

Well it was fun! seeing all ur colleagues bring out their best dress n best faces forward. everyone with full make-up, hairdo done to the glamourous..

Fun night, going around the ballroom taking pictures with colleagues and friends. It is the night where all work related stuffs are thrown out of the window. Yes, even when u see the managers, they don pester u for files or follow up on outstanding. Food wise? It's nvr abt food darling! So no comment on food. Entertainment? Well it was ok. seeing your counterparts on stage performing, dancing and singing to fight for the 1st prize. Kinda furnie, reminds me of my 1st year when i was on stage dancing..At least our group won the 1st prize that year.

The highlight of the night? Lucky draw of course!! Everyone was waiting for the lucky draw, eager to see their names being shown on the screen. Me too! But unfortunately, it did not appear at all throughout the night! Damn it! I so wanted to see my name appear when they were giving out the 1st prize - $5k travel vouchers! That would fulfil my next year's travelling plans!!! But well, what damn luck.

Overall a nice night! Although alot of familiar faces were no longer there (they left the company) it was nice seeing new colleagues and friends as well! Who knows, maybe next year, I will no longer be around as well!

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