Saturday, December 23, 2006

Batam 22-23 Dec 2006

The long awaited trip has finally arrived! Have been looking forward to getting out of SG at least for a few days out of the super long vacation I'm having (Yes, I"m on leave from 22 Dec till next year) So yes, 21st Dec was my official last day of the year 2006!!

6.30am - Wake up to get ready to head to Harbourfront for the morning ferry at 10am. Damn tired but oh well, Batam is near!

1015am (Batam time) - We're all 1 hour younger in Batam! Cos of the time difference. Reached our resort (KTM) in about 10 mins. Erm..what can I's reali a very private n exclusive resort..if u get what I mean. It's really secluded and by the sea. Very rustic look and back to nature. But the view from the resort is magnificent! Overlooking the big ocean shiok! Our resort is on silts along the lagoon bay..quite cool n nice..

Our resorts on stilts

View from our room

11am - Spa time! Imagine enjoying ur massage in a hut with the ocean view! Sea breeze blowing while u are being massaged..1.5hours of greatness!!

Lunch was a non-event.

6pm - Head out for dinner with a family of 4 from SG as well!! had traditional indonesian dinner quite nice.

Went supermarket shopping (my fav activity overseas!!) Booze is damn cheap there and of cos we bought 2 bottles of mix booze (with low alcohol %)

And a great discovery - A&W!! Which is no longer available in SG. Great! How i missed the root beer float! Of cos we had to try those dearly missed drinks!

Dear Mr A&W

23 Dec - Start of our day tour and activities.

1st stop was the waterfront for some sport activities, which we did not try. Later on, it was shopping and more shopping at the local dry market and products. Bought lots of keropoks (fried crackers) and nuts (Yes I'm nuts crazy)

Had a good seafood lunch at the famous 933 GOlden Prawn restaurant and tried the famous avocado drink!After that, it was more shopping. Stop over at the POLO main store and bought 3 Diesel T-shirts at S$17 cheap!

4.15pm (Batam time) - Ferry back to SG. ENd of the trip. which was a relief cos the trip was not as great as we thought it would be. Batam - boring place. oh well...

7pm (SG Time) - back at harbourfront and no longer 1hour younger..

Tomorrow - Xmas eve. Cookie baking time!!

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