Saturday, December 30, 2006

The World is Round, but isit Fair?

A ‘useless’ manager, who doesn’t do anything and not knowledgeable enuff, has just been promoted to SENIOR manager (we call her Maid). What the heck!?!? What’s wrong with my firm?? Are they BLIND?? N this is not the 1st time such things happened. What is fairness? Why do we have to slough so hard, and in the end, the results beg to differ.

What is fairness? What is right and wrong? When does being just become evil?

Ok, being philosophical here. Just watched Death Note. This is what it is asking. Justice vs. Evil.

Scenario 1
Policeman killing criminals on the run - Justice being served. It's their job.

Scenario 2
Some guy kills the same criminals on the run - Murderer. Wrong!

The end result is the same. The deserving party died. But in the process, 2 different views arose. So why is it right and just for a policeman to kill the criminal and wrong for the other guy to do the same? Even if the criminal were caught, jailed and scheduled for death penalty the next day, it is still wrong for some other guy to kill that criminal?

Isnt the ultimate aim the same - to punish the criminal for whatever he/she had done? So why the different treatment? Because the other guy who killed the criminal had no right to. That is what the movie says so. So it means policeman has the right to kill the criminal? just because of the post 'POLICEMAN"???

I'm not saying that anyone can kill just anyone. But we're talking abt criminals here right. Those who deserve to be punished. And of cos those that deserve the death penalty. We can't be killing all other minor criminals.

In the movie, Kira (aka Light) started off by killing big time criminals. I felt that is the right thing to do. Not using the death note as a means to kill people u hate or for ur personal use but for the good of the whole world. But the police are not happy and labelled him 'Murderer'. Ok, rationale being u shld not take justice in ur own hand but shld wait till the verdict is set. Innocent until proven guilty. But for those who deserve death penalty, it is just!

Of cos, when Kira started to go haywire, and kills almost all criminals (major n minor) he seems abit out of hand. Worse still when he started to kill people who r after him. That is murder. Not too just anymore.

I bet this Japanese manga has set up a range of debates on the ethical side of the story. To kill or not to kill. And I would s'pose alot of people tend to agree with Kira, that what he did is correct. Well, i mean, hey it helps to keep crimes at bay and those r deserving victims. But there always comes a point when u can't tell when is the limit. Not all criminals deserve to die. Some deserve to be given a 2nd chance.

Back to my 1st paragraph--Undeserving people r being rewarded prematurely. While many deserving people are still stucked in the same position, waiting for the annual promotion. What is this? There r so many deserving people in my department who r outstanding and deserve accelerated promotion or more recognition, but what do they get? Nothing!! They still have to wait in line for the annual promotion, annual evaluation. Maybe they get more bonus, but only slightly more, not enough to warrant their hard effort. What is wrong?? Just hope that the firm will wake up soon or it'll suffer from the lack of knowledgeable and good people.

As i said..'The World is Round, but is it Fair'? The answer is obviously NONONO. It will nvr be. If it were, I would be rich by now.

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