Tuesday, December 26, 2006

New Start New Year

Keke..All things to change for the New Year 2007!

1st - New wardrobe. Yes, After slightly more than 1 year, I have decided to change my wardrobe. Those old clothes which I have worn for 1year plus, r going to be thrown outa my wardrobe and to be replaced by new ones! Bought lotsa clothes this 2nd half of the year, all thanks to Internet Shopping! So brand new wardrobe!

2nd - Handphone! After 2 long years, it's time to change to a new HP. Yes, the old one sucks and dying on me. Becoming crazy by the day, ringing by itself or hang on the Message screen. Must change b4 it reali goes blank and I would hv lost ALOT of the numbers! Nokia 6288! Going to get it tomorrow!

3rd - New hairstyle! Yes after 8 long years of having long hair, it's time for a change. Back to short hair! Keke..the result is rather satisfying! I like it. Makes me look younger n more energetic cool! Maybe i shld have cut it even shorter???Ha..next time maybe.

Me with short hair!

And of cos, new office (we have moved to One Raffles Quay). What else is new? New attitude towards life maybe? Try to 看开 ( look on the bright side always). Work is nvr-ending so why sloug like hell everyday? But sometimes it's inevitable. So try not to over-work myself.

Well but I'm still the same old me! Nope, no plastic surgery (hmm maybe i shld do an eye-lift, liposuction, face lift...if i have the $$ and the heart to do that to my already beautiful face).

2006 has been a good year for me (been travelling quite a fair bit this year, no $$$) new phase in my work life as well...Hope 2007 will be an even better year for me (well according to my horoscope saggitarus, 2007 will be a great year for my health, work and personal life)

Oh i bought lottery ticket today and it is going to open on 3rd Jan 2007..If only...Please God!! $2mil top prize!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$...That's also a 1st for ME!!!Always blur blur about buying this kinda things (toto, lottery included) 傻人有傻福 Hope it applies to me!

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