Monday, March 05, 2007

The Allure of The Bad Boy

Read this interesting article on Yahoo - "The Allure of The Bad Boy". Interesting topic to talk abt because this happens to alot of us women! Somehow or other, we get attracted to the bad boys at least once in our lifetime (ok, maybe some of u r exceptions). I admit that I do! Y? Maybe because they're different... The attitude they exude & just the way they look haha... Most of the time, bad boys are handsome! But sometimes, they just have the bad boy vibe but they're not really bad boys u know...Maybe we need a little excitement in our lives some times, that's y we're attracted to bad boys. But ultimately, to settle down, we need a reliable shoulder.

Anyway, try this quiz on ur afflictions towards bad boys:


1. Infatuation is the best part of a relationship. T
2. Challenge excites me. T
3. I long for excitement in my life. T
4. There’s nothing more exciting than sexual tension. T
5. I eat when I know I shouldn’t.
6. I am addicted to diet drinks.
7. I fall in love quickly. T
8. There is a bad girl side of me. T
9. I have a history of drinking, shopping, or working too much.
10. I crave chocolate.
11. Even in short-term relationships, breakups can devastate me.
12. When a guy really loves me I tend to take it for granted. T
13. I tend to get bored in relationships.
14. I have a negative history with more than one male in my life.
15. I can easily get restless in a relationship.
16. When I meet a nice guy I tend to think of him more as a friend than lover.
17. I am happier when I am falling in love than at any other time. T
18. I have been attracted to two or more unavailable men in my life.
19. I have had an affair.
20. I have had more than one affair.
21. I have had many disappointments with men.
22. Over time, I doubt a man’s love for me.
23. It seems like certain guys cast a spell over me.
24. Bad boys are sexually exciting.
25. I have continued to date a guy my friends have warned me about.
26. Good guys are rare. T
27. Even when I know a guy isn’t good for me, I can’t always resist his charm. T
28. My friends would say I’m attracted to bad boys.
29. I’ve gone back to a relationship against my better judgment.
30. I have continued to date a guy after he has been abusive to me.

Scoring Key
These questions are weighted in terms of severity. The more true answers you have going down the list, the more susceptible you are to bad boys.
Questions 1-10:
True answers in this category are no big deal unless you make a habit of it.
Questions 11-20:
These questions are much more indicative of susceptibility. If you answered true to items 11, 12, or 13, you may be able to get away with it -- but any true answers from 14 to 20 mean you are on the Bad Boy Hit List.
Questions 21-30:
If you answered true to any of these, you cannot date without parental permission, or at least with your closest friends’ permission. You run the risk of overlooking the nice guy right in front of your face.
My score? Ha..not close enuff! Damn & here i thought I'm into bad boys...Maybe i've been living a lie!! 6 'True' for 1st 10 qns, 2 'True' for 2nd set of 10, and 2 'True' for the last set of 10. Hmm I guess I'm really really a Good Girl!!! hahah... Yes, stop lying to myself, I'm a good girl!!!

Now, is opposite the truth? R Guys attracted to Bad Girls?? Any comments on that?

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