Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Entry with No Relevance

Yes, This is a total nonsensical entry..Just random nonsensical ramblings

Start of the nightmare audit job - SATS situated right at the other far end of the country - Changi Cargo Complex. That depressing place. So remotely disconnected to the rest of the world. Surviving only on the food on offer in the small canteen inside the Complex. Stuck there for 2 whole months, working crazy hours. I shall survive! Blast more music to keep me awake. Good thing is FRUIT JUICE!!! SATS canteen has fantastic Fruit Juices!! Cheap & nice! Friends, feel free to call me anytime of the day especially at night...Yes I need some form of entertainment to keep me awake & entertained cos I'm gg to be damn depressed working in that place. so CALL ME!! or at least ENTERTAIN ME with any form of gossips or news!!!

Realised I stomp my feet whenever I walk. Yes, when i say STOMP, i mean STOMP!! 'Pah Pah Pah' & with heels. I think it is kinda cool & stylo..Don't u think.. Like models strutting down the walkway.. Keke..din realise it until my colleague told me i stomp when I walk.. Can't help it, I like to STOMP. No wunder my shoes get worn out so quickly, especially the heels. But well, i'm a woman, & woman LOVES to collect shoes!!! I have a valid excuse! Yeah

I've been getting great comments on my new haircut! Everyone is saying it looks good on me & very stylish! My colleague told me he always wants to call me 性格女 (aka Miss personality or Miss Stylish) Haa..Cool I like that! My client also commented that I look much better now, more energised & refreshed as compared to days when i had long long hair. Great! Well, that's because I have strong face structure!! Hahaha, i shall stop being so self-obsessed. But it's true that women with strong face structure look great with short hair!

Was watching America's Next Top Model Cycle 7 clips, and noted this particular contestant AJ, who has super short hair! But stylishly short. N I LOVE IT!! I was telling to myself that I want to get that haircut! It's really super short mind u, like boyish cut, with long fringe. So stylish rite! Yes, maybe in July that'l be my next transformation. No, I will NOT go bald.

Watched 300 on Sunday (it's the title of a movie abt Greek war). The only most memorable thing of the whole show - The Spartan warriors' abs!! Yes, ALL of them have well-defined, beautifully carved 8-pacs! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Damn. It's very glaring mind u. No wonder every man in the show does not wear anything except for 'Undies' and a cape. Who would want to hide such great body under the layers of cloth! U know the saying 'If u've got it, flaunt it'! Imagine 300 warriors with those fabulous abs ahhaha...

Oh in case those pple who read my blog do not know, I have quite a long list of links to other pple's blogs (Yes I know, u guys only click on my blog to read my ramblings that's of cos) But I must say Xiaxue's blog is pretty interesting. Click on it n read.

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