Thursday, March 08, 2007

Locker Discrimination!!

WHazzup with the world Nowadays? Ganging up agt me?????

It hasn't been a smooth year for me in 2007... Quite a number of mishaps or should i say unfortunate events have happened to me or ard me (affected me directly & indirectly). Damn, what's wrong with 2007? Isn't this year s'posed to be an above average year for those born in the year of Dog?? I have not felt any form of luck or good fortunate bestowed upon me...Or is it a case of 先苦后甜 (endure the pains of suffering b4 u enjoy the fruits of success)?

1st up, case of discrimination by staff from Tiffany's (as mentioned in my previous blog), of cos not to mention no luck in striking ToTo. Then laptop got virus gota take it down to IT dept for scanning & quarantine. Then, files not reviewed by partner even after telling him it's urgent, ended up kena by client in a not very nice tone. This is just what have happened in the past week (meaning Mon-thur). Almost like 1 each day. Fuck!

Today? Yes discrimination by even the bloody lifeless LOCKER!!! Went swimming after work, happily changed and walked to the electronic locker. E'rything seemed alrite, until when i tried to insert the money to activate it. What happened? Nothing!! Precisely nothing!! U'r s'posed to insert the money, and then u can lock it. But nth happened! Ended up toying with the bloody system for like 10 mins. Even the lifeguards had to come over to figure out the problem. Ended up not being able to use the locker, so I had to just put my belongings on the benches (not v safe) with the lifeguard promising to look after for me (he himself admit that the locker is cocked up).

On my way home, had to walk a big circle cos the front entrance is blocked due to some soccer match. Damn! So damn unlucky!

Mr alvin tan says I look BIG in the pictures. Yes he used the word BIG. What does that mean? Kaoz. Big = ??? Fat say fat! BIG, what the fuck? Damn, must go on diet but super peak is coming next week, no time to exercise more often. HOW HOW HOW?!?! BIG!! I'm BIG!! Damn. Must stop late night snacking on nuts. Must stop eating heaty, fried food. Must force myself to continue to be healthy. MUST MUST MUST. Damn.

Super peak starting next week. Doing SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services). Right at the other end of the country - Changi Cargo Complex. At least 1hr travelling time by cab from my home to the place. Always 1st in, last out. Hate it. Bless me luck.

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