Saturday, March 03, 2007

Farewell To The Best Audit Manager!!

First of all, I did not get any luck in ToTo draw...There goes my $10mil dream...

Anyway, Friday night - Priy's farewell party! Initial location - New Asia Bar, which was just too crowded (heck it was only 7pm & pple flocked to bar at such early hours!!) so we changed location to Ink bar at Raffles The Plaza. Cool place, nice decor & there's a live band coming on after 9pm! Definitely will come back again if given the chance!

Happy hour till 9pm all housepours, wines & beers at 50%! Great! Drinks & food session! Our dear lead - Priy arrived in his party outfit while all the rest of us were in office wear (yes we came after work). IT was a really fun session! Gossips, updates on recent happenings & plenty of laughter filled the entire night! Of cos not to mention photo sessions!! Taking turns to take pict with The Man of the Night!

Me & Priy

Me & Seow with Martinis & Margaritas in hand

The ladies & The Lucky Man!!

Group Photo of the whole DFS Team (past & present)

Yeah, & gossips filled the room, with us spilling all the dirt on other members on the DFS audit team, who were not present! The new manager who still owes the asst $3, 1 snr who showed affection for similar sex, interrogation on our love lives (as usual this is Priy's favourite topic). We all really had a great facial workout, suffering the pain from over-laughter! He's moving back to Brisbane, well another free accomodation when travelling (if travelling to Aussie). But b4 that, the 2 of us still have our chilli challenge to settle!

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