Sunday, March 18, 2007

Friday Night Out

Eventful Friday! Yes, even though I was on SATS job starting last week, it was still not too tough yet. 1st week is honeymoon week...B4 we all start sloughing it out starting TMR!!!

Bday celebration for Diego. 1st stop was dinner at Carnivore (Brazil restaurant) followed by MOS! I'm a MOS virgin. Nvr been to MOS b4. Actually i have not been clubbing much. This is perhaps the 3rd time. 1st was Zouk in Uni yr 1, 2nd was Zouk? or some clubs along Mohd Sultan (can't rem). N MOS is the 3rd time. Not much of a clubber but i njoy pubs for a drink n chat with frens. What did I think of it? It was fun! The music was great, the company was great, e'rything was fun!

Prior to entering MOS, we had the 1st round of drinks. Volka + Orange Juice. Actually it doesnt taste too bad! Like margarita, which I like! Hw much did i drank? Hm not alot, prob juz 1 small glass i think. OUr bday boy drank the rest of the volka purely by itself! That was like more than 2 shots of absolute volka! Imagine the burning sensation!

I particularly like the R&B room and the disco room in MOS. Great music! Had another volka mix in MOS, was still standing after. The bomber was the last drink. Yes, they had said that I would be drunk by the end of the day, but I insisted I would not be. But who knows! The last drink, whatever it was called (I nvr got to find out). Some red colour liquor mixed with dono what, n lit by a flame. Tasted really potent! After that went down my lungs, I declare I was out! 1st few minutes was ok. Then, it started. Wobbly legs & the surrounding seemed a little spinning. I still looked pretty much sober but i knew i was not quite as sober. Hey at least I admit i was wasted! Some pple deny they're drunk when they in fact are! These r the pple who r really really drunk. I know it when I'm a goner. N That moment, i was a goner. But hey, at least I was still able to talk cohesively, walk rather firmly (ok i was wobbly, had to have help from D)

Well but that did not leave a bad scar in my memory. I still njoyed the night, it was still great fun! I had a great time in MOS, dancing to the music. Oh shit, the wild side of me is slowly emerging... Or maybe the quiet side of me has alwz been juz a farce, juz a mask, hiding the real me??? Come on then, MOS, velvet, zouk, dbl, bring it on! I'm all for it!! Next time, I shall not get drunk...Or I hope so

Oh...took a great number of picts but not with me...Wait for him to upload b4 i can get them.. Will post some nice picts once i get them(u will not c any picts of me looking out of plc, i refuse to disclose those, not to say u'll ever c me ugly hahaha)

Oh n i had post MOS injury. Damn it. Swollen left eye & a bump on the left side of my forehead when i woke up the next morning. Damn. Don't even know why n how those injuries got there.

Hurts ok. Now i have got ugly swollen left eye. Nope, no picts to show, of cos i will NOT publish unflattering picts of myself hahahah....Luckily i have my fringe to cover up the uglyness so the bump & the swollen left eye will not show to pple far away..

Watching America's Next TOp Model Cycle 8 (miss cycle 7 cos cannot find online). Damn short hair looks really cool! I have to cut mine soon. May or july??? Hahha... i know, pple r going to say i'm crazy but i don't care. The short hair (boyish cut) with long fringe looks really great. I think i can carry that look.

Till then, next week shall start the bootcamp training.

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