Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here Comes the Bride...N THe Media Frenzy Starts!!

What's the hottest gossip news in town? Of cos it's the Liz Hurley wedding to Indian multi-millionaire businessman Artun Nayar.

Oh talking abt indians, let me side-track a little.. I need to report a case of ABNs on the loose on Sunday afternoon!! A whole bunch of them dancing & frolicking in NTU campus, HALF NAKED!!! N Rolled in Mud! eeks...Sorie..I'm a little biased against Banglas (a.k.a ABNs courtesy of my bro - Ah Bu Nehs) Broad daylight!! Dancing & frolicking half naked, and rolled in mud!! Imagine! Ok, some of u might ask - Maybe it's their colour, not mud. But rest assured! I have examined & concluded that it's mud on their bodies. Evidence - The ground appeared to be dug up, I'm sure they wore pants or shorts & their pants or shorts r also the same colour (light-brown), and lastly, mud is light brown not dark brown.

Ok stop the racism. Back to case in point. The lavish wedding of the year! Liz Hurley & Artun Nayar (41 vs 42 years old). Now why is it that celebrities always get to hook up with millionaires, billionaires, tycoons? How lavish is their wedding? Absurdly lavish! The amount they spent on the wedding is enough for my whole lifetime spending!! Show me the money! & I can quit my job but still live comfortably for the rest of my life!! Damn those rich people.

Let's go step by step through their wedding venues (cos we r sure to be lost) Yes that's right, they do not stop at just 1 church!

1st stop - Married in Sudedley Castle in the Cotswolds. Take a look at this castle! How magnificent! Getting married in a castle! That's so fairytale!! Damn, that's like every ladies' dream!

2nd stop - Blessing in a local church. No mention of name, can't search for the picture but i'm sure it is no small church. It has to be grand grand grand!

3rd stop - Fly to india to continue the wedding. Yes it does not just stop in England. They just have to continue in india (cos the groom is indian). And guess what, it's not just a 1 day event. It is 5 days of celebration!! Crazy people! 5-day Hindu traditional ceremony. Omigod! 1 wedding is already a bomb, they're going to hold a 5-day wedding! So let's take a mind trip down the list of places they're going to be

1st stop - Nothing fantastic, just a family gathering

2nd stop - Umaid Bhavan Palace, the former home of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. Behold the grand palace!

Palace again!! Ok this is the place they (the couple) are going to be staying in during the length of their wedding. The cost of 1 night stay (cheapest) is USD 435 for single occupancy. The couple? Surely they're going for the Maharani Suite which is USD 4K!

"Taj Umaid Bhawan Palace at Jodhpur is one of the largest and grandest private residences in the world. The palace was built by 3000 artisans worked over 14 years. The palace consumed one million square feet of the finest marble. "

Mehrangarh Fort - Another party venue for the wedding. Nice place for a party. On a mountain top.

That's about all...Oh & not to forget those hen parties, preparations, all those celebs guests... Star-studded event of the year! All those money that goes into this. Crazy!! What to do, she's Liz Hurley, with a millionaire hubby. All the money to spend! Anyway, they benefit from all the coverages from magazines (they get paid for those coverages ok) and not to forget gifts & blessings from their equally rich celeb frens. I have to get a celeb fren!!!

A little too lavish i think. But then again, alot of women want their wedding to be grand cos as they say it's a once in a lifetime thing (unless u'r elizabeth taylor). But wedding is the union of 2 parties, not ur whole village! I don't like it when u invite 40 tables and only maybe about 5 tables are people u know. The others are relatives whom u might not have seen in the past few years. I prefer a more intimate affair. Like a small garden party, u know more like those western styles we see on TV & movies! Where the couple takes the 1st dance... Sounds much more romantic!

Or a beach wedding! I like that (cos i'm a beach babe!) Cool & fun concept, not rigid & conventional. E'ryone decked in casual wear or their best party dress & just party all the way! It's so much fun! I don't like hassle.. This is much more intimate & fun! Don't have to wait forever for e'ryone to arrive, e'ryone can party & enjoy the event & more open! Yes, i shall aim to do that if, in the event, I get married. Hmm, maybe i shall psycho my fren to hold a beach party! She has this crazy idea of e'ryone in swimsuits, and swimming out to the centre of the sea for food. Crazy!! but beach party is fun! Especially with Cafe Del Mar at Sentosa think it'll be kinda cool! Of cos, sentosa is the best place in Singapore, we don't have any other nice beaches like overseas (damn!) unless u marry overseas! Of cos, the best is just a simple party in the afternoon, and off to honeymoon! Hahaha... Waiting for my knight in shining armour to sweep me off my feet...

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