Sunday, March 25, 2007

Musical Fountain Swansong in Sentosa

Yes, our very own Musical Fountain, one of the main attractions in Sentosa is set to permanently close down on 26th March 2007. So sad. So of course I had to go for 1 last look. But our agenda for the day is not limited to just Sentosa. 1st stop KTV in chinatown, then Musical Fountain in Sentosa.

We had to cut short our KTV session (left at 6pm instead of 7pm) so that we could head to Sentosa early to book seats for the 740pm show. Yes, it is really very very popular with tourists & visitors to Sentosa. Took the Sentosa Express (similar to LRT) from Vivo to Sentosa.

1st stop, Merlion Tower! But of course that's not our main purpose, it's just a passing by stop. But of course, photo stop time for remembrance.

And a 5mins walk brought us to Musical Fountain! It was only 7pm (40mins before the show) and the place was DAMN PACKED!! Really damn packed!! Never have we seen the musical fountain being so crowded with people! Must have been the news that it is going to close down forever on Monday. In the end, we had to settle on the extreme right corner, 4th row. Not the greatest seats, but better than nothing.

Crowded with people at Musical Fountain

At 740pm, the show starts! Water starts spurting out with the music, twirling shots of water, colour & lasers! After about 20mins, the whole thing ended and off we went. Last time u'll ever see this in Singapore. No more musical fountain :( OH but there's an underwater show currently under construction at the siloso beach. But u'll have to pay for this show! Well we'll wait for it to be completed and take a look. Maybe it'll be worth it.

The show starts!

More of the musical fountain

After show stop - Food Court. For a light snack at Food Republic in Vivocity. Then it's back home and waiting for Stupid Monday to come.

Took a fantastic video of the musical fountain. Shall post tomorrow cos it's taking damn long to load on youtube b4 i can post it here.

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