Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Went shopping on Tuesday night after work at Taka (Yes, the high class, chic shopping mall) for Priy's farewell gift (Yes, he's a high class person which explains Taka as shopping grds). After seeking advice from a guy friend (who happens to LOVE shopping), finally decided upon Tiffany's cufflinks ("Please return to Tiffany" range). Saves the trouble of racking my brain for things to buy. Why is it so damn difficult to buy sth for a guy? U can't just buy any accessories (not like for us gals, necklaces or earrings r just fine), u obviously can't buy soft toys or ornaments. & what have u left? Watches, belts, ties...All these ex stuff.

Anyway, it was pouring rain so was rather moody. Decided to stop by other chi-chi shops to browse through the cufflinks & guess what? Damn expensive!! Cufflinks r so small, but they cost a BOMB!! Cartier sells them for at least $800! Faint! But really really nice!

After that price scare, decided to just head for Tiffany (cos I know how much that particular cufflinks cost!).

Walked in, feeling anonymous. No one bothers to come up to attend to me. I don't look high class enough??

Walked towards the cufflinks counter. The guy at the counter was attending to a pair of tourists (mind u, rich tourists) and just happened to finish with them. So there I was standing and looking for at least 5 minutes, and the guy didn't even bothered to ask me what I want or to tell me to wait a while! Am I invisible?!?! Then he just walked off with the tourists. So there I was, left unattended.

10mins passed (or at least it seemed so to me). Then, a foreigner walked in (a.k.a. angmoh as we know in SG). Looking at cufflinks as well. Within a few mins, a lady walked over to our counter & guess what? Despite me being there 1st, she directed her concerns to HIM!!!! I'm invisible again! She didn't even bother to ask if I need help! Irritated, I just interrupted them & told her exactly what I wanted! All it took was like abt 5mins, but I was made to wait for more than 15mins! N u can just sense that the attitude towards me & HIM is different! Ok I'm not rich, but I'm still a customer! I know I only bought a $280 cufflinks but it's still money right.. Mind u, $280 for a pair of cufflinks that's only the size of maybe a 20 cent coin...Expensive Ok. Though it looks quite nice.
This is the pair of cufflinks the size of 20 cent coin

Since I bought sth 1st, she had to attend to me, and told HIM to wait while she finish with me. She told him to wait!! HE was informed! Me? That 1st guy didn't even tell me anything and just walked off!! Discrimination!!!!!

1st time buying sth at such high class boutique...n all I got is this. Sucks! Complain? I couldn't even be bothered to fill in the forms! What for? Does it serve a purpose? Maybe, maybe not. This topic has been debated long before, but y is it still prevalent?

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