Monday, February 26, 2007

The 'Favourites' Issue

Usher in the New Year (in accordance to the Lunar Calendar), let's recap my favourites in the past years.. Yes, is YEARS not just the past 1 year...Past 1 yr is abit too short for favourites, afterall i'm not a super movie junkie or listen to loads of music.

Favourite romantic comedy
Jerry Maguire! Tom cruise is so super duper HANDSOME!!
"You complete me" U'll just melt when u hear that..if my other half says that to me, it'll be like heaven! "You had me at hello" Oh man..all those classic

Love actually!! So many romantic love stories in one film! Well actually i only like some of the stories. The heart wrenching story of a long-married couple where the husband has an affair with his secretary but the wife just bears with it. So touching & sad at how vulnerable & at lost the woman is! The love story b/n 2 pple from different background (1 english, 1 mexican i think) the language barrier does not hinder the love blossoming b/n them. Not even the different country of birth! The story of 2 colleagues, secretly in love with each other, but the lady just couldn't afford to let go of her psychotic brother who requires her care & attention 24/7.

Favourite fantasy
Lord of the ring!! Ultimate favourite! Watched each part at least 3 times (3x3 = 9) & extended version somemore! imagine how much time i had spent watching the show! Great movie, great cinematography, great special effects & story...n of course great elf Legolas!

Favourite thriller
Mission Impossible part 1 & 3! Tom Cruise again! Ha..the 1st was a refreshing idea..all those twists & turns in the plots made it intriguing & fun to watch! 3rd movie is great in action & plot! 2nd was a let down cos it was just a show of style..plot not good.

Favourite fun movie
Hmm..that means comedy! Let me think hard..Don't have a really favourite comedy cos i'm kinda ok with all the comedies i've watched. Bridget Jones was quite nice, Meet the Parents also very furnie..

Favourite song
I'm a sucker for old songs! Haha...I still love "Love Me" by Phil Collins, so touching lyrics. The Chinese version is called "会有那么一天" by JJ. Oh & I love this song by Chicago "Making love out of nothing at all". Latest fav is "Somewhere only we know" by Keane. Nice melody. "Can't stop loving you" By Van Halen also v nice! Introduced by my ex..Nice rock song & catchy melody

Favourite anime
Bleach, naruto!! Ha hooked on it. Death note is nice, but cannot match those two! Kuchiki Byakuya, Kakashi sensei -- Best!!

Favourite activity
Water sport!! Wakeboarding, diving, swimming! I love all!! Oh I like to sleep as well!! Hahah..who doesnt!

This late category is just to put anything & everything that I can't think of to sort. Favourites!

Favourite hobbies
- Travelling!! Watch tv & animes!
Favourite topic during gathering - GOSSIPS!! We gals all love to gossip!!
Favourite snack - NUTS!! Yes i'm a sucker for nuts!! Better control myself or i'll get outbreaks! Prunes also my fav!! Yum Yum
Favourite health food - YOGURT!! I just LOVE yogurt!!
Favourite spread - PEANUT BUTTER! Yes told ya i'm a sucker for nuts! peanut butter is just yummy! "Peter Pan" brand is the best! PB goes with just abt anything & e'rything! Try spreading it on banana & toast it!
Favourite fruit - Yes, those who know me will definitely get this right! BANANAS!! Cos it's easy to eat, easy to bring ard, healthy, can curb hunger, gives energy, promotes the cleansing of the intestines (read: cure constipation)...& makes delicious banana cake!
Favourite household activity - BAKING!! followed by cooking. I still prefer baking! It's great way of occupying ursef & relieving stress (not that i'm stressed). But it's kinda great, producing great eats, & sharing it with others, seeing others liking it & praising! (normally i don't eat what i bake). & i have produced critically acclaimed & taste tested products! My famed chocolate chip cookies, cheese cakes, bread pudding, banana cake...& many more...
Favourite online activity - CHATTING!! hahahah
Wow a whole lot of favourites!! Hmm can't help thinking that I've missed out sth...Oh well it can't be helped..Nothings perfect.. Oh yeah..One last favourites: Favourite wish - Strike toto! Esp the $10mil Toto!

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