Sunday, February 18, 2007

CNY celebration!'s the time of the year! Yes, Chinese New Year is here!!! This is the year of PIG so for all the PIGS out there, Happy PIGGING OUT!!! hahaha...

For me, CNY is just CNY. Nothing spectacular or special cos i don't really celebrate it. Also, cos i don't have much relatives in SG as 98% of my relatives are all in M'sia. So i'm always hard pressed for ideas and things to do during CNY. Maybe i shall watch movies & animes during these 2 days... But boring...wana go out but most pple would be busy visiting relatives and colleccting angbaos (red packets).

So what did i do on CNY eve? Yearly affair for us is to go back to M'sia (JB) to my granny's house. But that's after we have our own reunion dinner at home 1st. My 1st agenda for the day -- Cycling at ECP with my 'Lesbian' pal Daixing!!!

Daixing on blades

Me & sandcastle

So early in the morning we headed to ECP for our morning exercise! She blading, I cycle (cos i just can't seem to blade). Great weather! SUn was up & bright & we missed out the rain which fell down after we passed that particular area in ECP!! What a miracle!! & we saw sandcastle, albeit a weathered & tattered one. Our activity lasted for 2hrs b4 we headed back home. Yes, had to be back home early for the reunion dinner preparation & to clean up the house for CNY.

Reunion dinner? Steamboat!!! What else hahah..easier to eat. Just throw all the raw food into a pot of boilinng water & let it cook! We had our own reunion dinner instead of at my granny's cos it's just so much easier for us. After we're done, head to JB!!

Traffic was good..No jam, just that the custom was full of people & had to wait in Q for quite sometime. Other then that, the journey was smooth. Reached granny's ard 9pm. Yes, they were also having steamboat. Everyone was there...Actually the mood was jovial, no hint of what happened the last sat (the passing away of my uncle). I think for them, i felt also a hint of relief, that after all these times, finally he has gone off to another world & no longer suffering.

& my granny couldn't recognise me!! Cos i went to cut my hair again! THis time to really shorter.. Well, i needed a new start & to do sth so snipe off, colour up! I'm getting hooked to cutting my hair!!!

Me & my cousins!

At night, close to 12, people started to light fireworks! It was a starry starry night!! Fireworks galore!! All sorts of fireworks up in the sky, bursting & lightened up the clear, dark sky! Spectacular sight!! That night, slept at close to 2am..Damn tired.

Longevity noodles(with gingko nuts)

2nd day morning woke up at 10am. Routine habit, to have a bowl of longevity noodle in sweet soup. For good luck & obviously longevity! I don't particulary like it but eat for luck! & in the afternoon, gamble time!! Ha, it's a must for CNY. Gamble is nvr forgotten! Played poker (where you aim to get a total of 21 points for max win) We played small, 20 cents RINGGIT. Ended up, i won 20 cents!! Haha, it doesnt matter..what matters is we played & had fun! And after the downpour stopped (yes, it rained..) we headed back to SG (home sweet home).

1 day gone, 2 more to occupy...What to do???

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