Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Time of the Year

Guess what time of the year? Easy one... Yea, yesterday was V-day (Valentine's Day). The Time of the Year, the blood sucking day of the year!!! N Yes, dateless once again on V-day (not that I care abt celebrating V-day, seriously I don't) V-day to me is just a stupid commercial hoax to cheat people of their hard earned money (unless u r so gullible that u enjoy being cheated). Imagine everything being marked up at least 50% just on that particular one day!! Flowers go for at least twice the original minuscule amount, restaurants offering romantic set dinners for exhorbitant prices (when the portion u r getting is no different from the normal meals on other days), V-day related gifts & cards suddenly popping up everywhere & priced dearly... SO many stupid things changing just for that one day!! It really sounds meaningless! N i wunder why people r so willing to spend to enjoy just this one day! It's so cliche! Come on be different! Why do u have to celebrate V-day? Just cos it's so damn commercialised that u would feel left out if u don't? Because it is so commercialised, it has lost its whole meaning! What do u get just by celebrating V-day with ur loved ones on that day? Extreme satisfaction? Extreme exhilaration? Extreme romantic atmosphere? Bullshit lar! Forgive my vulgarness... But I feel that such feelings don't just suddenly appear on V-day, those feelings r already embedded deep inside each other's hearts & as long as both of u r happy, that's all there is!!

I see some girls who will not take No for an answer on V-day. Meaning, they have to celebrate V-day. So childish. I hate V-day, cos it has become so unspecial! No point at all! It's like everyone becomes robotic, & automated to have to celebrate V-day on 14th Feb every year. N not to mention people jacking up prices to take advantage of those gullible people!

V-day is passe... As long as a couple is happy together, meant for each other, deeply in love, everyday is V-day (haha ok this is even more of a cliche) but it is so very true! U can celebrate ur own V-day any time of the year!

I prefer impromptu. When u feel like it, u suddenly give ur loved ones a surprise! This is even more touching & romantic! Yes, i've said it, so my potential, future partner should get it! Give me surprises bah! I'm always full of ideas to provide to pple be it how to propose, how the wedding shld go, how u shld chase after someone... hahaha I like to do those sorta things, give pple cute & interesting ideas!

Just recently, a colleague of mine told me he's gg to propose to his longtime gf during V-day (unfortch due to work commitment, this has been postponed to Fri) & i just started throwing him ideas of how to propose! I'm sure girls like to be surprised! Old-fashioned way of proposing still works, but if u can do it creatively, it would b even better! Afterall, proposal is a memorable event! So i started throwing him ideas of how to hide the ring, when to present the ring as a surprise to her! haha all those funny ideas derived from watching too many movies! N he said i'm crazy! well, i tried to help! haha it would be great if I get a spectacular proposal (ok i don't even hv a bf now, & i'm NOT dying or dreaming to get married now..No such thot at all across my mind, not even within 5,000km of my vision) I'm just saying for the fun of it!

Oh CNY is coming..& I'm feeling the mood---Of not wanting to work!!! Haha, nope i don't feel the CNY mood, just the holiday mood of not having to work!! That said, i'm not a big fan of CNY. I find it boring cos all the shops r closed, all ur frens r not at home, & u hv to entertain ur long-lost relatives whom u have nvr seen b4 in ages (only once a year). N u hv to greet them by their seniority which takes a few minutes to recall how to say it out. Haiz... As for this year, it'll be even more solemn affair cos of the recent funeral so can't celebrate CNY at my granny's (which is unfortunately in JB) Yes, hv to make a trip back to JB to my granny's. I hate JB!!! Damn dangerous, dirty & terrible place. I wana skip CNY!!!!! But hard to find pple cos e'ryone is staying for CNY as per instructed by parents. Haiz...what to do?????

Half day on Friday (which is tomorrow) Yeah

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