Friday, February 09, 2007

DFS Night Out

Another of our DFS engagement night out. This time we went to Cafe Iguana, next to Brewerkz (which we went the other time). A night of food (Nalcos!!!YEAH!!!), drinks and fun!

It was great, 1-1 drinks (margaritas, beers and housepour) from 6-9pm. So we went there at 6.30pm, to fully utilise that offer hahaha...Courtesy of our social committee who organised this friday night out.

As usual, Priy (our out-going engagement manager) was in his usual jovial mood and talkative, cracking jokes and making everyone laugh their hearts out! And not to forget, his usual interrogation about everyone's love-life!!! Yes, no hiding any information from him, he's PERSISTANT!!!
And our new joiners were treated to SHOTS!!! As a welcome drink. Yes disgusting shots that taste like medicine, according to those who drank it.
Overall a nice and fun outing. Lots of food (Actually too much food left-over) and lots of margaritas...Ok i think i had at least 5 glasses of margaritas!!! Haha...think i'm getting the hang of drinking, well not hard liquor.
When's the next outing?? 22nd Feb - Priy's farewell party at New Asia Bar... Think it's gg to b really fun! The theme of the day - RED!!! hahaha

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