Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Ren Ri

24th Jan 2007 - Our Annual CNY gathering & Ren Ri (7th day of the CNY is known as Ren Ri, aka everyone's bday!)

Usual affair - Steamboat dinner & Lo Hai (Tossing of Yu Sheng)

1st up, Yu Sheng. U have to toss it, the higher the better & to say auspicious phrases for the new year (like 财圆滚滚, 身体健康, etc)

Next up, steamboat!! & as always, we always end up perspiring while eating due to the heat of the steamboat.

After dinner, it's gamble time!!! Ha, whats CNY without gambling! Played blackjack, with a minimal bet of 50 cents to $2. I started out winning a few bucks, but in the very end, I lost the $$ I won back to Mr Alvin Loke. Damn! In the end, I lost 50 cents haha.

Then we switched game to "Polar Bear". Ha it's a really fun game where we'll hv at least 1 Polar Bear & 1 Hunter, while the other players r villagers. Polar Bear = Bad guy who kills the others. Hunter = Good guy, s'posed to find out who's Polar Bear. Villagers = innocent pple. So e'ryone will try to source out who's Polar Bear by accusing each other & voting who they think is POlar Bear. Game ends when POlar Bear is found out, or all villagers r killed. Super fun!!!

Left when they started their Mahjong session (ha i can't & dono how to play mahjong). THat's the eventful Ren Ri!

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