Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wedding Photos

Hey, finally got those wedding photos of Kan's.. As promised, I will post some of the photos... See how blissful the couple is!!! Makes you wana get married as well???

That's mengsiong, kan, wendy, tingmei & Me!!

Superhose (Mark), Me, Kan, Tingmei & ailing

Here enters the lovely couple!!

Table picture. We had posed for this shoot way b4 the camera crew actually came!!

Look at all our lovely pearly whites!!

The MC for the night!! Tough job they had!!

The couple & relatives offering their toast! Yum Seng (aka Cheers in local context)

Drinking session starts!! And the groom has to get drunk ha!

And that was the end of the lovely wedding dinner. Held at Club Chinois, an unlikely place for a wedding. Nice & cosy feel to the whole event! Left at ard 11.30pm.. Dead beat tired but had fun!! This is only the 1st in 2007, hopefully there won't be any coming (at least not to my knowledge for the moment). But more to come in 2008...It'll be the year of RED BOMBS!!!

As for me?? Wait long long!! I'm still too young to commit myself!!

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