Friday, February 09, 2007

What makes a woman Tick??

Another interesting research conducted by YES researchers... SOunds like they have nth better to do than to conduct all these crazy but interesting experiments.
What makes a woman tick?? Apparently sweaty men!! Haha... we get turned on by sweaty men! Ok not those fat flabby sweaty men...but those Hot, taut bod sweaty men! I agree!! haha.. Men hard at work in the gym or running,...they're kinda appealing!! Of cos it must go with a hot bod! That's eye-candy!
It must be the image of hard work potrayed when men get all sweaty after exercise.. Makes them so much more appealing (sans the smell) Of cos a pretty face is a prerequisite for that statement to work, I feel..
So what does this mean? Go for a long run to get all hot n sweaty n suddenly u'r all so much more appealing! haha makes for a good foreplay for sex aiy...
Maybe it's also the wetness which makes men so much more appealing and women aroused... U become so much sexier when u'r drenched in water... LIke women in bikini emerging from the so sexy...hahaha..ok 1st must work hard to get a toned bod b4 it is really sexy..u wun want all the budges showing which sorta minus some points!
Then again... Another poll shows an interesting result!
Women rate clothes HIGHER than sex!!! hahahhaa... They would willingly give up on sex for 3 months to 1 year in return for a new wardrobe of clothes!!!! hahah this just goes to show women cant leave without clothes n fashion!! The conclusion given: Clothing is more reliable than their man in giving them confidence and making them feel sexy!! Hahah...well true to a certain extent cos u wear the clothes n they're urs... While men, well they'r human beings after all n feelings change...
Relationship is a weird n complicated thing, but clothes are dead n easy to manage.. If u don't lilke them, just throw or change. You cant do that to a relationship. It's alot more different! I'm not a love guru (wendy i need to correct you), but somehow or other, I always give pple advice or talk on this kinda thing... like i noe alot, which in actual fact, I don't think i'm that qualified. When it comes to relationship, I'm as puzzled and rash. Do I believe in ever-lasting love? I don't know seriously..I want to believe it exists (n i'm sure there r lots of examples ard me n u), but u nvr really know until u r living in one!! So just take 1 step at a time n c what happens!! Some serious topic aiy... Well cos Valentine's Day is coming.. Another of those over-commercialised, money-sucking day of the year. So stupid to celebrate that day just because. Y allow those blood-sucking vendors get what they want (our money)! Y celebrate just cos it's V-day? E'ryday is V-day when u'r in love (haha it's so cliche) but it's true. U can celebrate it anytime u feel like it! Anniversay is also V-day! N much more memorable n meaningful! Hmm...come to think of it, love gurus r alwz the last to get hitched or nvr!! Argh, then i'm not gg to be a love guru!!!
Ha, our engagement team at DFS is having a PINK theme on wed (V-day). Luckily I have a pink top!
wow another fact - Crossing the street in New York while engrossed with a cellphone or iPod could soon get you fined US$100!!! Kaoz!!!

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